In The Wild Safaris

“Possibilities surround us throughout the ever-changing seasons. Shoots pierce burnt red African soil. New life appears in the air and emerges on the ground. An elephant’s eye, a lion's whisker, a swallow that in its tiny bones knows how to find home. The real magic is nature - and it is right here.”

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The sight of the stars. The sounds in the shadows. The taste of the air. The warmth of the sun and the cool of rain on the skin. We create safaris to stir the senses.

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Moments in colour

Explore our visual celebration of Africa – a gallery of moments captured out on safari. Become immersed in the colours, the landscape, and the people and be inspired to join us to get closer.

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The African landscape is painted from the richest of nature’s palette. It is a world of wonders for a curious mind. We want to protect all the colours, the creatures and the communities that give us so much joy.

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“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.”
- John Hemingway
We have so many memories and stories to share. Our diaries are as much for us as for you, and give a taste of the African adventures that await.